Machel Montano’s second release for the 2015 carnival season, “Endless Wuk” has JUST been released.
The sexy vibe of the song leads us to believe that “Endless Wuk”  is the fix Machel spoke of in his first 2015 release, “Remedy.”
The song opens with a line that immediately commands the attention of the ladies, “Ah want to wuk up on yo body till yo bussing a sweat,” by the time he gets to the lip-biting second line, “Ah want to see the water dripping down the back ah yo neck,” we KNOW these soca goddesses are hot & ready!

Here’s what Machel’s camp had to say about his new release, which we may add, is co-written by Vincy’s own, Skinny Fabulous!

Hot on the heels of his resounding hit “Remedy”, Machel Montano the reigning Power Soca Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago is ready with his second release for the upcoming season.

This new single is all about giving Carnival bodies “Endless Wuk”, and as the world knows when it comes to maintaining staying power and supplying needed stamina to crowds, only the King of the Road can truly deliver.

Produced by Precision Productions, this music has already been embraced and actually marks the second time Machel and Skinny Fabulous have collaborated to give outstanding and unique interpretations on the same mesmerizing groove.

This harmonious embodiment of Caribbean unity started with “Happiest Man Alive” and “Behaving The Worst” and it continues this year with “Going Off” and “Endless Wuk”. Beyond words ever could, this joining of melodic forces showcases the strength of the existing ties within our region.

Delightfully for masqueraders, Machel continues to not only bring together the finest the Caribbean has to offer, but in his new song lives up to the promise of making Carnival 2015 the best yet.