The Los Angeles Lakers have been offered some extra motivation for being on top of their game by porn star Sadie Santana.

On Wednesday, Santana tweeted out that she’d provide a particular sexual favor for the entire Lakers team if they managed to get to 47 wins on the season.

While that’s certainly a “generous” offer, it’s hard to believe the Lakers will come anywhere near that mark. They’re currently 0-5 on the season, and have looked nothing short of miserable outside of Kobe Bryant. Especially with Steve Nash and Julius Randle out for the year, it’s hard to imagine the Lakers winning more than 30 games this season – let alone 47.

This might motivate a few of the younger, single Lakers to push themselves this season, but chances are Santana won’t have to deliver on this offer when all is said and done. Still, it’s an interesting – albeit old – tactic.