Jeezy made an extra special visit to the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Center in Detroit, by way of his “Seen It All” tour. The rapper offered words of encouragement to the youths aged 8 – 19 at the 120 resident facility, assuring them that their current situation did not have to be the end of the road.
“I had my share of trouble. I been in detention centers around the world. I was in alternative school, the whole nine,” he said. “But once you get to a certain age, you realize that life is bigger than what your surroundings are.”
A known advocate of the motivation behind struggle Jeezy (who has a joint album with T.I. coming soon) encouraged the residents to allow their situations to create opportunities for themselves.
“Sometimes it’s about not being well off. I wasn’t well off and I thank God for that because I’m able to take all the things that I earned and be proud of them because I got out here as a man, I grinded up myself to get to where I’m at.”
The rapper also stressed the importance of education and garnering skills for the children and teens to be able to thrive once they are released from the detention center. Dropping gems on focus, Jeezy also stressed that while he was not a native of their city, his story is comparable.
“Detroit is not an easy city,” he said. “I’m sitting here looking at y’all — you’ve got some serious looks on your faces. I can only imagine what half of y’all’s stories are. But when you sit down and think about it, all of our stories are the same: We just want to be successful, take care of our loved ones, and do the things we love in life.”