For a month Fantasia kept her fans in the dark as to whether she had married her sweetheart Kendall Taylor or not. While cryptic Instagram messages and a huge “Fantasia” tattoo inked across Kendall’s chest really seemed to confirm our suspicion, Fantasia did nothing to confirm it.

Today, however, the singer shared a photo of what appears to be her beautiful bridal set on Instagram with a caption about how much it means to her because it came from her “king,” Kendall.

“So He said: I want to get you the Ring of Your Dreams.. I want you to Look down and smile knowing your [sic] mine and you deserve this..I’m NOT A material girl and it could have been a ring out the Bubble Gum Machine but Just Continue to give me the Love you give to me Big Daddy… He said: I know but as your King THIS is what I want for my Queen.”

Fanasia shared the photo of herself with Kendall lastnight, mentioning in the caption that she is thankful God blessed her with everything that she prayed for in a man.