Trinidadian soca artiste, Lyrikal, has released his first track for Trinidad carnival 2015. The track, called Cloud 9, was released at around midday today with the following press release:

“Oh lawd ah high, celebrating life, ah know the limit is the sky and ah know that I ain’t living twice that’s why ah living for tonight…” the lyrics from the latest release from Lyrikal titled Cloud 9 and strong words not easily forgotten. The concept was birthed by songwriter Nkosi Blackburn and once he presented it to Lyrikal they put pen to paper and together created a master piece. Cloud 9 is sure to take the listener on a journey of pure bliss that increases with every note and every lyric.

To complete this masterpiece they included the skills of seasoned veteran producer Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell and budding producer Julius “WhixxKid” Legendre and together they created a groove that can only be described as an explosive celebration of life. As the flute synthesizer introduces the song, the body responds immediately and gradually your hands begin to ascend and before you know, they are in the air, your head is thrown back and you are singing every word. Cloud 9 encourages it’s listeners to let go of their inhibitions, enjoy every single moment of life to the fullest capacity and allow the pure bliss of Cloud 9 to take them to “Cloud 9.”

Lyrikal has built an extensive catalog, and is responsible for several hits. His repertoire consists of over 40 releases. Although Cloud 9 is his first solo single for the artist it is his fourth release for the season. He is currently working on his first album that should hit stores after the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2015.

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