It has been revealed in court proceedings for a lawsuit filed against Ginuwine aka Elgin Lumpkin, that he’s flat broke and on the brink of bankruptcy. This according to his attorney Bruce Beckner.

“Mr. Lumpkin is very close to declaring bankruptcy,” Beckner said. “He owes my firm a ton of money and a bunch of other people a ton of money. He owes Uncle Sam 300-odd thousand dollars in back income taxes.”

As for the lawsuit, it was filed against Ginuwine by Robert Reives, the executive producer of his recent album, The Bachelor. According to Reives, he’s owed royalties from a $1.25 million five-album deal that Ginuwine signed with Sony. In court documents, Reive’s legal reps are also calling BS on Ginuwine’s claims that he’s experiencing dire financial hardship.
“Despite the repeated representations before the court of defendant’s counsel that defendant has lost his large fortune … defendant has spared no expense in this proceeding to try every angle and every new legal theory his lawyers could come up with,” Reive’s attorney argued in court documents.

Beckner also revealed that it was Ginuwine’s recent divorce from his wife Tonya Sola that is responsible for his current financial state. While it seemed that Ginuwine and Solé were experiencing some relationship tension for quite some time, most were unaware of their extremely quiet divorce.