First her husband’s name popped up on the show, then Beyonce did one better. In a last night’s (Nov. 11) episode of Jeopardy, Queen Bey was the subject of her very own category, “& Beyonce.” Featuring a few (way too easy) trivia questions on Mrs. Carter’s life and career, the category managed to trip one contestant up on a technicality.

Peep the questions from the “& Beyonce” Jeopardy category below:

Beyoncé for $200: Before she was an independent woman, Beyoncé was part of this group that hit with “Independent Woman, Pt. 1.”

Beyoncé for $400: In an “SNL” skit, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, in leotards and heels, replaced Bey’s female dancers in this video.

Beyoncé for $600: Beyonce’s daughter sounds like a colorful plant with this first and middle name.

Beyoncé for $800: In the movie “Cadillac Records,” Beyoncé played this R&B legend and sang “At Last” on the soundtrack.

Beyoncé for $1000: Jay Z is featured on this Beyoncé song that mentions “that liquor get into me.”