With the family of late singer Aaliyah refusing to participate in Lifetime’s upcoming (and unauthorized) Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B biopic, the film will feature none of her actual music as it chronicles her rise to fame to untimely death at age 22.

Starring Alexandra Shipp as the songstress, what the film will feature is her infamous love affair with fellow singer and early mentor R. Kelly. In a newly released sneak preview Aaliyah struggles to reveal that she has gotten married without her parents consent.

Executive producer Wendy Williams explained “As promised you will see how she meets R. Kelly, what her father and mother’s reaction was to R. Kelly, when it ends with R. Kelly, how she moves on to Dame Dash. But what you won’t see is the plane crash. I just thought that was distasteful.”

While many have already criticized the project for failing to involve the family as well as the actors chosen to portray key figures including Missy Elliot and Timbaland, viewers will have to wait until it airs on November 15 to form their own opinion.