Every morning The Breakfast Club airs, the most controversial host, proceeds to title someone the “Donkey of the Day” for any dumb actions on their part. Today, he gave that award to the Lifetime Network.

He didn’t skate on his reasoning behind their titles. With witty remarks and direct finger pointing (“casting director Tracy Twinkie Byrd, did you even know who you were casting for?”) he made sure we were not only entertained but in total agreement with his award ceremony.

“You mean to tell me there wasn’t one real person at Lifetime, one real person involved in the making of this film that stood up and said this is some b.s.,” he began in his lengthy read. “…Out of all the producer we expect Wendy Williams to stand up and tell everyone this is some b.s., Wendy is of the culture, she reps for us. She at least knows what these people are supposed to look like.”

Press play to listen to it in full, and we promise his read will have you clapping your hands, shaking your head in agreement, and laughing by the end of it all.