Twitter’s rolling out a feature which could instill fear into your social media hearts.

It’s letting you search for every public tweet since its creation in 2006, roughly half a trillion posts.

On the one hand, it could be seen as a helpful and extensive tool for information.
On the other, it could flag up any user who may have forgotten about a potentially embarrassing post from their distant past.

In theory, it means anyone can look back at your FULL tweet history.

If you so wished, you could go back to the beginning of your timeline and see just how mundane – or thrilling – your early tweets were. Perhaps more interestingly, you can search through your friends entire history, as long as they were posting publicly.

In a blog post which explains the complexities of its update, Twitter’s said the new search service has been several years in the making.

Before, the search would give you a limited amount of results, with a focus on an individual’s recent history or the recent appearance of a hashtag. The advanced search has been expanded, offering you the chance to look back through a specific time period, with specific words or for a specific user.

If, for example, you search for a hashtag it will eventually start giving you the results it thinks are most relevant from its entire history in the ‘top’ tab, instead of the ‘all’ tab next to it.

You can now search for the earliest times a certain phrase or word was mentioned on Twitter.