Jennifer was stunning, as usual, at the Horrible Bosses 2 premiere on November 20, but she got a little sassy when she trumped Kim K’s recent Paper magazine shoot by basically saying that she’s the pioneer in the bare butt magazine cover game!

In an interview with Extra, a conversation about Jennifer’s nymphomaniac role in Horrible Bosses 2 led to the star being quizzed about her nude 1996 Rolling Stone cover.

When Kim’s recent shoot was mentioned, Jen didn’t hesitate to add that her revealing photo was “way” before Kim’s and “I was an original.”

However, Jennifer apologized to the reality star. Good for you, Jen!

As much as people hate on Kim’s pics, they’re still talking about them. Stars like Naya Rivera, Chelsea Handler and more have all sounded off on the bare bottom pics.

Jennifer’s modest approach to a nude photo cover definitely laid the foundation for Kim to proudly flaunt her famous assets.