Eminem apologizes for the hurt he has caused as a result of his often graphic and violent lyrics in his new track Guts Over Fear.
The 42-year-old rapper, who most recently sung about dragging singer Iggy Azalea by his Humvee and raping her, reflects on his long-standing career and expresses a keen sense of remorse in the hit which dropped on Monday.
‘It just breaks my heart to look at all the pain I caused,’ he raps in the emotive single which is the first to be released off his album Shady XV.
‘The pain spawns all the anger on, but it wasn’t until I put the pain in song, learned who to aim it on, that I made a spark,
‘Started to spit hard as s***, learned how to harness it while the reins were off… But the crazy part was soon as I stopped saying I gave a f*** haters started to appreciate my art.’

The accompanying video depicts the personal struggles and self doubt that have riddled Slim Shady’s almost two decades in the industry through an aspiring boxer.
He raps about his fear of becoming irrelevant and losing a hold on the anger that inspires his songs.
Australian singer-songwriter Sia provides the vocals for the chorus but doesn’t appear in the music video herself.
Instead, the camera-shy star is portrayed by America’s Next Top Model finalist Chantelle Brown-Young who suffers from Vitiligo, a condition that causes depigmentation in parts of the skin.