It looks as if Prince has left social media just as abruptly as he arrived. The Purple One’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts were removed earlier this week, a little over a year since his first tweet.

Representatives for the singer have declined to explain his online disappearance. Besides the Facebook and Twitter moves, all music was removed from Prince’s Soundcloud page and almost every video was deleted from Prince and 3rd Eye Girl’s YouTube VEVO account. All that remains is an old interview and two versions of his 2013 single Breakfast Can Wait. Prince’s Instagram page was available on 25th November, but has since been removed.

Prince has had an inconsistent relationship with the online realm. “The internet is completely over,” he declared in 2010, and once threatened to sue eBay, YouTube and torrent sites for illegally distributing his music.

The musician even pursued his own fans for sharing their favourite songs. Still, the 56-year-old eventually dropped the lawsuit and, after joining social media, used the platforms to release and promote new material with his band 3rd Eye Girl. At the beginning of October, Prince hosted an “exclusive Q&A” on his Facebook page; unfortunately, despite his big talk, he answered only one question from his audience, advising fans to listen to their music using high-resolution audio.