BASED on his fiery performance at Wednesday’s launch of Magnum Sting at Triple Century Sports Bar in New Kingston, Capleton expects to be a hit at the Boxing Day event.

“A long time mi nuh represent fi Sting yuh nuh. Da part a di show ya name ‘If yuh heart nuh clean, keep yuh hand a yuh side. If yuh a raper and paedophile, keep yuh han’ a yuh side,” he ordered the gathering, who waved and jumped in approval.

Shortly after, Capleton went into hits such as That Day Will Come, Lotion, Fire Time and Who Dem.

Performances also came from Tydal, Dan I and Zhavea.

According to organisers, this year’s Sting will pay homage to dancehall fashion. For the first time, the show will be split into two segments, one featuring Electronic Dancehall acts like DJ Jerry and Fyah Starter.

The second segment has Capleton among the headliners. Also confirmed are Alkaline, Gage, Aidonia, Ninjaman, Tommy Lee Sparta, Kiprich and Demarco.