Working under the design label Peta Odini, Vincentian menswear designer Odini Sutherland has created a new series of work titled “Animal Farm“. Animal Farm, which features bright animal laden fabrics fashioned into shorts, shirts and bags is more than just an appropriate title for the line, it is dedicated to the memory of a pet dog she befriended called Lucky.

“Lucky was actually my landlord’s dog. They went on holiday for like almost 3 months so I was taking care of him, so I would always say he more or less became mine. He was like the cutest fun dog ever. Even after they got back he still pretty much stayed close to me, used to sleep under my window and such.” Odini said when asked about Lucky.

“Unfortunately, Lucky passed away, and when Animal Farm happened and it brought back really good memories of Lucky so I thought it was only fitting to sorta dedicate it to him, because he was truly the best part of my day.” She continued.

Animal Farm was recently showcased at Racked TT in Trinidad – an inclusive shopping experience, exposing emerging and established local fashion and accessories designers and their unique products. It will also be featured in UpMarket this Sunday 30th November at the Trinidad Country Club in Maraval. The line is being promoted as an ongoing concept of work, and will be updated with new prints in the future.
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Odini at RackedTT – Photos By Marlon James.