Wiz Khalifa has a new “friend” who used to be an old “friend” of Flavor Flav’s, 36 year old detroit native Deelishis, who won the second season of Flavor of Love.
Mister Capp and Deelishis (a.k.a. London Charles, a.k.a. Chandra Davis) were together over the holidays, and now the rumor is that they’re dating.
Deelishis posted a photo on Thursday of herself and Wiz sharing a sweet embrace with the caption “It’s a happy holiday.”
Deelishis says they’re not dating “yet,” but several pictures of her and Wiz kicking it at his concert has been popping up online.
Wiz Khalifa also posted a video clip to his Instagram of Deelishis twerking to “Ass Drop,” the same song ex wife Amber Rose twerked to for him.