Taylor Swift recently told Time magazine that one of the most horrifying things she can imagine is a future grandchild finding a photo of a younger Swift and asking, “Grandma, is that your nipple?”

That’s clearly never been a concern for Madonna. She’s gone full-frontal numerous times over the years, and even with two teenage kids, she’s not putting the material mammaries away any time soon.

For example, she recently donned a variety of guises for Interview magazine. One shot finds her in flesh-toned lipstick and bleached eyebrows (she almost looks like Cate Blanchett), while another puts her in a metal facemask reminiscent of a photo shoot she did for W magazine in 2003.

But the most memorable image is just a bit NSFW. Because, you know, you can see her nipples.

She’s not technically topless — there’s a sweater over her shoulders — but suffice it to say, it’s more of Madonna than we’ve seen in a while. Seems like she’s excited for that 2015 album!