Over the weekend, Palmyra restaurant in Pembroke hosted an award ceremony in honour of influential women in SVG. 5 women were recognized for their contributions to the Vincentian society as well as their talent, confidence and passion.
The honorees were
1. Naticia Lewis – a native of Bequia who is a lab technologist by day and Amgine manager by night. Naticia lewis was recognized for her contribution to the entertainment industry.

2. Jamisha Wright – Originally from the twin republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a broadcast journalist. Jamisha lives by the motto ‘Success is my lifestyle’ and was recognized for outstanding sense of style.

3. Alana Morris – A self taught entreprenuer who has established a food delivery service in Feburary of this year called ‘Lana’s Kitchen,’ was selected for her entrepreneurship in catering. Alana is passionate about cooking aspires to own her own restaurant.

4. Stace Balcombe – Selected for her contribution to social arts and culture movement through her carnival Monday band ‘The Network SVG.’ Stace also has a passion for women charity work and has embarked on many motivational speeches targeted towards young girls in svg

Kimya Glasgow – Chosen for her contribution to fashion. Founder of kimya glasgow design inc, she has been an influential part of many of the high end fashion shows across the region and was recognised at the white house in washington dc in 2013.

Hot97SVG spoke with two of the honorees, Naticia Lewis and Alana Morris.

Naticia expressed a feeling of accomplishment in knowing that she was making a positive impact on the development of her country and Vincentian women. She described the award as a very good initiative taken by Palmyra Restaurant, one that will motivate the young women of SVG in their aspirations and encourage them to contribute positively to the development of the nation. She went on to say that the initiative fosters the development of self confidence and better standards by providing role models.
Naticia plans to establish a foundation for women in the future. “Too often women are being verbally abused and trashed by their own gender. I would like to develop a group where woman can learn to be resilient individuals in today’s society.” She says.

“I feel totally awesome.” Alana revealing her thrill at receiving the recognition for her efforts.
“Receiving my award is confirmation that i’m on the right path. I’m truly humbled and honored to be appreciated and loved by so many. Personally, it means everything to me and i’m overwhelmed with joy and contentment. The future of Lanas Kitchen is nothing short of excellent. Lanas kitchen is striving to be the premier restaurant in the local market place where customers satisfaction will be paramount as you’ll dine in a fun atmosphere. Not only will my guests receive great meals they will also receive quality service at a great value.”

The concept of the Influential Women Awards stemmed from the Palmyra event team’s need to create something beautiful, positive and socially appealing for the women of SVG. Hence, they decided to focus on women who are making changes in the Vincentian society with their craft.