Activewear is getting more and more technically advanced these days, and companies are constantly coming up with new ways to treat fabrics to fight the unfortunate by-products of a hard workout: sweat and odor. One startup from Vancouver is getting creative with its treatment processes, and what its doing might surprise you: instead of using chemicals to try to fight the funk, its using a substance derived from shrimp and crab shells.

Strongbody coats their garmets in chitosan, a fiber chemically processed from shells of the famously stinky crustaceans that actually has a number of other applications. It’s naturally antimicrobial, and even safe for those with shellfish allergies to use. The pieces range in price from $68 for a tank top to $148 for a sleeveless hoodie.

Strongbody’s chief executive Meghan Conyers clears up the question of a lingering shellfish stench if you decide to pick up some Strongbody pieces: “Unless you are told that our fabrics have this technology, you would never be able to tell by looking at them or touching them,” he promises.