While Wiz is busy (possibly) making freaky flicks with Playboy bunnies, his estranged wife Amber Rose is steaming up the pages of Oyster magazine.

Amber showed off some of the magazine shots on Instagram on Friday and included a not so subliminal message for her husband. She also told made a fake dating profile for Oyster and dished on her likes and dislikes.

Perfect first date: I’m a good food, good drink type of gal.
Impress me by: By jumping in the air and staying there.
On our first date, wear: Just be yourself
Serenade me with: Sunflowers!
Pick me up in your: A spaceship…Yes you have to be that cool for me to date you.
NEVER ask me: To have a 3some. I don’t share.
Pet hates: I’m really scared of birds, butterflies, moths, pretty much anything with wings.
Desirable attributes: A pretty smile, a great personality and if you can make me laugh? You can win my heart.
What I’ve learnt from past relationships: Not to give too much of myself…Save some for just me.