Tommy Lee Sparta has released ‘Bad Man Dawg,’ a song which takes jabs at two of his fellow artistes, Alkaline and Gage, whom he is expected to face off with at Magnum Sting scheduled for Jamworld Entertainment Complex on Boxing Day.

The dancehall act downplays the move as pre-Sting He told the Jamaica Observer he decided to take on those two deejays based on their utterances and general demeanour in other segments of the media.

“Yuh see how him [Gage] come pon On Stage and a talk ’bout first loser and nuff big chat. Yuh have to defend yourself as a artiste, people will think you a coward if you can’t stand up for yourself. Dem get too bright so that’s why I drop the new song, Bad Man Dawg. The next one who is also a copy cat. Everybody know which deejay bring mask inna dancehall. Everybody know ‘World Boss’ style and now him a pose with it and a try violate at the same time. So him need to know him place.”

According to Tommy Lee Sparta, he understands that both have released songs counteracting Bad Man Dawg, but he is yet to hear them.

In the meantime, the deejay — who is known for tracks such as Psycho, Live We Life, Party non Stop, and Outlaw — is is prepared for whomever wishes to step up to him for a clash.

“Me have some real bad man tune with lyrics can wire them easy easy, 123 budufbaf. Anyone me feel like wire, me wire. Don’t fear none, it all depends on which one brave enough to step forward on the day,” he declared.