Once again, British royal watchers in the media are in a mini-huff about those irrationally exuberant Yanks breaking royal protocol.

This has been going on since … well, mad King George III, but now the alleged perpetrator is “King” LeBron James and newly royal Duchess Kate of Cambridge.

At the NBA game Monday night in Brooklyn, James either forgot, ignored or was never told about a top rule of meeting with royals: Don’t touch them.

But he did. Horrors.

During their grip-and-grin picture op at the game, James wrapped his arm around Kate’s back, producing a surprised reaction judging from the pictures and the video. Which of course the British media rushed to put online.

Despite the awkwardness, the royals didn’t seem to mind much. Both Kate and Prince William are known to be more relaxed than their seniors about these protocol matters. Kate has been repeatedly described as “down-to-earth” and warm.

British CNN host, Piers Morgan joke about the incident during an appearance on Rachael Ray on Tuesday.

“LeBron James, you may call yourself King James — you are not a real king,” Morgan said. “Prince William is going to be my King, that was his wife — hands off the Duchess….Do not touch the royals! They are immortal creatures. If they extend a hand, you gently touch it and say, ‘Hello.’ You do not put your sweaty arm, after a game of basketball, around a member of the royal family.”