After Lil Wayne tweeted that he wanted “nothing to do” with Birdman and Cash Money last week, Pusha T was quick to tell Weezy to “#cometoGOODMUSIC” in a tweet of his own.

But, of course, he’s thrown some shots at Tunechi (and those close to him) in the past. So, is that what he actually wants?

“I don’t know,” Push told GQ in an interview about a new adidas collaboration. “I just like the fact that I’m a prophet because of my song ‘Exodus.’ It came out two years ago! People should just call me ‘The Prophet.’”

Regardless of what he wants (or what people call him), does the Clipse rapper — who recently released a new single, “Lunch Money” — think the partnership could work?

“You know what?” he continued. “Wayne on G.O.O.D. Music…Well ‘Ye actually likes Wayne, so they could probably make some good music together. But who knows.”