Amber Rose enjoys the simple things in life: ratchet music, shoe shopping and being the most talked about curvaceous video vixen in pop culture. So if you have $20K to spare and a great personality, you could take her out on a lunch date.

Muva Rosebud is the star of a new comedy film called Cameron & Eddie Lose The Belt. The producers have started an IndieGogo campaign to fundraise the films expenses. Different prizes are up for grabs depending on the donation. The smallest donation, $10 gets you a PDF of the shooting script, a chance to win three tickets to the world premiere and of MP3’s of the cast. The movie is currently budgeted at $1.5 million. ​

The biggest donation, $20K, is the ultimate grand prize. In addition to the $10, $25 and $35 perks, one lucky person gets to go on a lunch date with Amber in California. Lodging and travel expenses are not included, and the lunch date will be chaperoned by six-time UFC champ Randy Couture. You know, for security purposes.

Here’s what the producers had to say on reaching their target:

“Our goal is to use crowd funding to redefine the boundaries between filmmaker and audience. This is why so many of our “perks” invite you guys to be “involved.” Sure, we have cool things available (like scooters and t-shirts) but the MAJORITY OF OUR “PERKS” are about ALL OF US BEING TOGETHER.”

Amber Rose plays the role of Bella Trombetti, a drop-dead gorgeous hustler. If you’re lucky enough to score a date with Amber Rose, try not to chew with your mouth open and make sure you don’t gulp to hard when you drink. She hates that.