K Michelle was dodging and weaving a few months ago when asked if she had a romantic relationship with Idris Elba, but now she’s putting it all out in the open.

This week, she dropped by The Wendy Williams Show, and of course Wendy got to the bottom of things. During the interview, K. admitted to Wendy that her “Maybe I Should Call” video, which featured a man with a new baby, was definitely about Idris Elba. She also revealed that she met the actor last year during the Soul Train Awards, and that the two carried on a relationship before she found out he had a baby on the way. (The Soul Train Awards were in early November and Idris didn’t confirm that he had a child on the way until December).

During the brief chat, she was also asked how she felt about people saying that she lied about Memphitz abusing her, and she dished on her surgeries.