Jamaica’s Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna has been getting hit from both sides of the fence for a photo she posted to Facebook.

The photo, taken by her son at the beach, showed the minister clad in a two piece orange swimsuit and a Bob Marley t-shirt.

The photo has sparked numerous debates on social media s to whether the minister was appropriately dressed.

On Facebook, there have been more than 1,200 responses to the photo about which the group ‘Real Change for Jamaica – Discussion Forum’ has asked whether the Cabinet Minister’s wearing of a bikini at a beach was “appropriate”.

Among those responding was Opposition Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte.

“No need to be uncharitable to our Miss World. She is appropriately attired for the beach,” said Malahoo Forte.

But Patrick Gore was unsettled: “@ Marlene Malahoo: Are you saying this picture of Minister Lisa Hanna, placed on a public page on social media, is appropriate for the office she holds?” he questioned.