Macka Diamond recently released a gospel single entitled ‘Prayer’ and says so far, the public response to her song has been very favorable.

“I have been getting a lot of encouragement on social media from my fans and from ordinary Jamaicans in the streets. They say ‘Macka keep it up, we love the new song’, and I am getting a different kind of response in the streets and on radio,” she said.

She shot a video for the single in St Elizabeth last week. It was directed by Super K studios/BOJ TV.

“The shoot really went well, it was extraordinary…very professional. We had nice beach scenes and a couple of other exciting scenes the public will love. I don’t want to give the plot away, but people are going to be very surprised,” Macka Diamond said.

This is the second gospel-inspired track in weeks. Last month, she recorded the Danny Brownie-produced Answer My Prayer.

“I just feel blessed because I am getting a lot of calls for shows, my career is sailing along, my family is great, my son is doing wonderfully in school. I am in a good place right now because of God and I want to tell him thanks and this is my covenant with Him,” she said.

Macka Diamond, whose given name is Charmaine Munroe, is known for a number of hit songs including Hoola Hoop, Washing Money Machine and Dye Dye.

Have a listen to Macka’s song Prayer: