In May of this year, a Youtube video of a person who bore a remarkable resemblance to Trinidad’s then Minister of Sport, Anil Roberts, surfaced, in which he appeared to be rolling what seemed like weed in wrapping paper. The person in the video stated that he was only able to take two pulls of the substance. Despite the striking resemblance, the former minister denied it was him.

He resigned in July following the release of an audit into the controversial multi-million dollar LifeSport programme.

Now recently, a video found it’s way onto the internet, showing a woman, allegedly Anil’s wife, Shandell laid out on a bed, while a man, said to be a popular DJ that goes by the name Lurbz, speaks into the video camera, addressing Anil and saying that the woman is his wife not Anil’s.
DJ Lurbz:
Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.29.04 PM

Former Minister of Sport Anil Roberts and wife Shandell got married December 31st of last year, one year and a month after they met. Anil is 23 years older than his wife.

Click here to see footage from the x-rated video.