Has Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson inked another multi-million dollar deal? According to the Hip Hop mogul’s statement on Instagram, the answer is yes. 50 posted a picture of himself to IG with a caption that claims the SMS Audio founder completed a $78 million deal with the RevolutionWear Frigo underwear brand.


50, along with athletes Derek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony, reportedly held ownership stake in Frigo. The Queens rapper has played a big role in promoting the $100 underwear over the last year. His video for “Winners Circle” featured boxer Ryan Martin wearing Frigo gear. 50 also hosted the Frigo launch party.


RevolutionWear hinted at a partnership with 50, Jeter, Anthony, and producer Timbaland on the company’s Facebook page.


It is unclear whether the $78 million is all for 50 cent or split between the star investors. Its also unclear whether they have been paid that amount or whether they stand to make that amount if certain conditions are met!