When Lifetime announced that it was commissioning a made-for-TV biopic on the world’s most beloved, most tragic pop supernova, Whitney Houston, there were many questions. Many very pressing questions.

Who will play Whitney? How much will they show of her drug addiction? Will she proclaim that “crack is whack”? Will there be “doodie bubbles”? And will it tackle Whitney’s childhood best friend turned rumored lesbian lover?

Wait—what? You weren’t aware of Houston’s whispered about love affair with her friend and former personal assistant Robyn Crawford? Well, join the club. And then watch Whitney when it airs on Lifetime on January 17th.

“It’s interesting how that, which was a thing that was actually written in the press at one time, was squashed and brushed away when all the other stuff happened in her life later,” says Yolonda Ross, the actress (Antwone Fisher, upcoming Lila and Eve) who portrays Robyn Crawford in the Lifetime film.

It is truly astonishing that, in a culture that thrives on such scandal, a story like this about one of the most famous celebrities and biggest sources of tabloid fodder of all time managed to stay under the surface for decades.

Do we ever really know our celebrities?