Deejays Blak Ryno and Kiprich will go head to head at this year’s staging of Sting – the popular one night reggae show staged on Boxing Day.

According to Isaiah Laing, head of Supreme Promotions, organisers of the event, clashes have always been part of the history of Sting and, therefore, a match-up of this nature was inevitable.

Speaking at a press conference at his Burlington Avenue offices in the Corporate Area yesterday, Laing traced the history of clashes at the event dating back to the first ever in 1984, which featured Michael Palmer and Junior Reid. He noted that, by the following year, 1985, it was realised that the clash was the way to go and it became a signature of Sting.

“[The] clash is a hallmark of Sting. Over the years, it has become a major attraction… last year Kiprich was defeated by Ryno and so we have decided to bring them back for a rematch, and this is not something to be missed,” he asserted.

Blak Ryno was absent from the press conference as it was explained that he was overseas, but his opponent Kiprich was on hand to declare that this year things will be different.

“I am more focused and prepared for a proper lyrical showdown [at] Jamworld…. He can’t come with what he came with last year and expect to win… it’s lyrics to the fullest. I am always happy to be part of this historical event and to be part of it as a top act a this time,” said Kiprich.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer afterwards, Kiprich revealed that he jumped at the opportunity to redeem himself against Blak Ryno once he was asked by the Sting promoters.

“People know me as a war king, and last year I just wasn’t prepared. They confused me with a lot of names of people I was going to clash with, so I was not focussed, but it’s different this year. I am not doing for the money, because this year it’s all about what the fans want, and the big money not there this year. Last year Ryno get $3 million and that’s not there this time, so I’m just doing what the fans are asking for,” said Kiprich.