Mike Tyson & Earl Sweatshirt have a few things in common. The Brooklyn kid was arguably the most recognizable face on the planet in his 20s and Sweatshirt had an entire movement dedicated to his freedom from Samoa. Both have had their peaks and valleys as celebrities so it comes as no surprise that when the two met for a feature for biannual magazine Humanity, they hit it off.

Tyson often interjects during the interview, offering Earl advice as the Odd Future rapper discusses going to boarding school at the peak of Odd Future’s success, dealing with the pressures of fame and trying to find a direct parallel to Tyson, who at 20 became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Mike: You know anger is my biggest enemy in life. I do a lot of reading on the history. I read the history, the whole history of the world, you know, from the beginning. And we have so many people, a lot of people. But do you know what we did more than fornicate?

Earl: Fight?

Mike: War, yeah. We fought more than we fucked. Ain’t that crazy?  We got billions people on the planet. Even from the beginning, from the beginning of time when that book starts, fighting! What are we getting into now? Fighting! Fighting…from all that fighting, great names, great great great names, them fools be fighting, you know like George Washington All the great names, all these names came from fighting. And what for…

Earl: Fighting against something.

Mike: Yeah, themselves.

Earl: Some were fighting for like civil rights, you know – like it’s all fighting.

Mike: I think war is led by faith. I never think of physical fighting. It’s always spiritual. Fighting is spiritual.

Earl: Absolutely. Yeah. I got familiar with that concept early, just because my mom, she was always working, so she dropped me off at this martial arts dojo. And the dude instilled – we had to meditate for an hour every time, before we did anything. We would meditate. Just to connect to the spiritual side of it. And like, going inside of yourself and realizing the immense power that lies within you, just as a person.

Mike: You know young man; it’s all about spiritual awakenings. I could never stop drugs, I could never stop drinking, doing stuff, until I received my spiritual awakening. Now it’s not a problem anymore. But I’ve been doing this since the ’90s, late ’90s and I never could stop but I never understood the spiritual awakening. And once that comes into play, it’s really eye opening.

Earl: It’s so much bigger than human constraints.

Read the entire interview here.