Sam Nazarian is being called out on some illegal proceedings during his time as owner of the recently opened 1,600-room SLS Las Vegas hotel and casino. The business owner—who initially built up his name and fortune by attracting the hottest Hollywood stars to his L.A. clubs and restaurants—relinquished control over the SLS Las Vegas after being busted for cocaine use by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

In addition to Navarian’s recent drug use, somehow Rick Fox and Suge Knight have wound up with their names in the middle of the scandal. According to the L.A. Times, Navarian was accused of distributing $3 million in payments to a felon with convictions for drug possesion and money laundering, some of which was paid to Suge Knight. Nazarian reportedly wrote the former Death Row Records CEO a check for $90,000 and never made contact with him again.

Actor and former L.A. Laker Rick Fox was loosely brought into the mix by allegedly introducing Navarian to Derrick “Smokey” Armstrong, the former business associate who he says blackmailed him.