Congratulations are in order for Ms Heritage St. Vincent & the Grenadines Anna La Borde who has won the titel of 1st runner up in the Ms Heritage 2014 Pageant, hosted in South Africa.

The Miss Heritage 2014 competition began on December 13th and culminated on December 20th at the Silver Star Hotel, during which Anna was the winner of ”the best national flag representation” challenge, she also did a great job presenting on the national flag of Zambia. Anna went on to make the top six for ”best presentation of your country” and ”best interviewee presentation as the reigning Miss Heritage 2014” challenge.

The Ms Heritage title was captured by Odessa Mae Tadaya, Ms Heritage Phillipines and 2nd runner up went to Katlego Mendry, Ms Heritage Botswana.

After the competition, Anna humbly extended congratulations to her fellow contestants, saying that they’re all queens. She also extended thanks to South Africa for their immense support.