At the Sunset Festival in Trinidad & Tobago Sunday night, Bunji and Machel finally shared a stage. Encouraged by Major Lazer and a crowd of about 6000 people, the two seemed to come to a common understanding that they need to set aside their differences and unite in the name of Soca.

However, maybe Major Lazer acted too quickly as there seems to already be trouble brewing.

After the event, which had soca fans EVERYWHERE excited and talking, both Machel and Bunji took to Instagram to share photos and videos of the historical occurrence.

Machel shared the following video along with the caption, “@bunjigarlin what’s the next step?? Sounds like the people have spoken” in an attempt to continue talks of unity on social media.

Bunji, however, was not having it as he believed that the situation was not one to be taken lightly and should be discussed in a more professional and less public way. This led to what appeared to be their first disagreement, just hours after their display of unity on the Sunset stage.
peace and what love

This interaction was interpreted and re-interpreted by both Bunji & Machel’s fan base who weighed in on it, portraying it as a villian/hero situation which seemed to lean more towards Bunji being the villian for seemingly dragging his feet on unity talks.

Bunji, upset that his words were misinterpreted, took to social media to explain his stance and stand firm on his refusal to discuss the issue on social media.
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The Soca Universe is waiting to how this plays out… Will Bunji & Machel finally call a genuine truce or will they continue on as rivals.