The drug use rumors surrounding Stevie J have been confirmed in court. The Grammy-winning producer and Love & HIp-Hop Atlanta star has been ordered into rehab after failing a series of drug tests for marijuana and cocaine, according to The New York Post.

Back in June, “Steebie” was arrested for neglecting to pay over $1.1 million in child support over the last 16 years. Taken into custody in Atlanta, he was released on $25,000 bail by a New York federal judge. Since his release, Stevie J has reportedly failed 10 drug tests, prompting the judge to order him to spend 30 days in a an inpatient rehab center.

Stevie’s attorney, Michael Bellinger, argued that a rehab stay would keep his client from earning money to pay back his child support debts.

“If he’s in inpatient he can’t support his family,” he said in court.

But that did not seem to fly over with the judge, who maintains his rehab mandate for the reality star.