The mother of 3-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan is reportedly losing sleep over frustrations with Nick, according to Us Weekly. Nick and Mariah, who spent the Thanksgiving holiday together, reportedly got in a huge fight about Nick’s alleged cheating.

“Mariah confronted Nick about how humiliated she felt by rumors he cheated,” a source tells the mag. Nick also does not help the situation as he is constantly “parading [Kreesha] around.

Though Nick may be ready to move on, Mariah wants another chance at happiness and Kreesha may be getting in the way. “She doesn’t want to give up the idea of having a happy family,” the source continues.

The split from Nick has even seemed to take a toll on Mariah’s music carer. The iconic singer let her emotions get in the way during a Christmas concert on Dec. 15 in New York City.

Mariah broke down during her beloved ballad, “Hero.” The crowd witnessed tears streaming down for face and Mariah struggling to breathe.