Even though Ninja Man was reported sick and hospitalized yesterday, he still managed to appear at GT Taylor’s Annual Christmas Extravaganza. He told his fans that the reason he had to be there is because of the respect he has for GT Taylor and his inability to disappoint his fans.

Immediately after commending GT Taylor, he went on to blast Isaiah Laing for disrespecting him. He said Laing is disrespecting him by sending a mad man to war him. He then started spitting some lyrics.

He sang a song for his fans and told them they’re the ones that put him where he is today. He said he’s been through a lot of struggles and still remains on top because of his fans.

“Only four DJs in Jamaica can clash me, and that’s Beenie Man, Bounty Killer Sizzla and Capelton. And dem nah war wid mi.”

Before ending his performance, Ninja man said:
“Mi Love how GT show look, MR Laing,” Ninja Man laughed. “Mek mi show yuh how mi know seh dah man de a fool, him a di biggest idiot. Yuh know di other day a mi mek Capelton and Sizzla and di whole a dem man deh work di show. After him beg mi fi guh get Sizzla, and when mi guh fi Sizzla him dash back di money gi Heavy D, and mi affi seh no Sizzla a me a ask you fi duh di show and Sizzla seh arite Gargon mi wi do it. Yuh si afta di man done di show, den di big idiot Laing a guh talk bout him ban Sizzla. Yuh can ban artist, yuh mek artist mek money, or artist mek you mek money? Well Mr Laing all a Jamaica top artist dem ban you. Yuh affi guh, guh further dan di gully fi guh get artist now yuh affi guh inna di toilet and cocroach nah perform fi nobody. Mi nuh know how yuh ago manage over Jamworld tonight but a yuh and Gully Bop and yuh dutty mouth friend dem ago ova deh. Gway, mi gawn.”

Ninja man told the Observer last week that he would not be performing at Sting because of threats he received from some men from Grants Pen. The community that Gully Bops hails from.
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