The WWE is now trying to make NEONMANiA a thing, where the eccentric rapper will try his hand at pro wrestling. He has given up drugs and alcohol for 100 days while posting weird gym selfies because of this moment. [HipHopDX]

A bunch of shit is expiring on Netflix Jan. 1, probably to make room for all 10 seasons of Friends. Say farewell to Rocky I, II, III, IV and V and a lot of Woody Allen movies. [Vulture]

Now, here’s a guy who is probably better at life than the rest of us because he solved a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with only one letter. [Jezebel]

For the folk too lazy to Google all the midseason premiere dates, here. [Deadline]

The Interview bagged $15 million in downloads since Dec. 25, making it Sony’s biggest online film OF ALL TIME. *drops mic* [THR]