Since The Gleaner broke the story about two USA based dentists offering their services for free, in ensuring Internet sensation gone viral Gully Bop gets a bright smile, their offer has been accepted.

Dr Kerisa Harriott, who is vacationing in Jamaica made contact with the artiste’s manager Shauna Chin and the wheels have been set in motion.

‘They were very receptive to our request” Dr Harriott told The Gleaner.

‘We agreed to have Gully Bop see myself and local dentist Dr Emerson Henry for an initial diagnostic examination after which a comprehensive treatment plan can be devised, she disclosed. Local dentist Dr Henry, who has signed on with his services to facilitate the process, has offices in New Kingston, Papine and St Thomas.

Dr Dwight Williams, who is still in New York told The Gleaner he is amazed at the overwhelming positive reactions by the Jamaican public since he made the offer.