Sonos Studio, the Los Angeles listening space/art gallery, hosted An Evening with Bunji Garlin, celebrating the sounds of soca, Carnival culture and the diversity of T&T that reaches beyond its borders.

December 16 proved to be a night in Los Angeles for everyone who attended—including the Sonos Studio production team who host several music events per month that’ll never be forgotten. And it wasn’t when they were sipping on that smooth Angostura 1919 rum either!

Of course, the Caribbean community took over the festive laughter, drinking and dancing with flags waving once Bunji Garlin took centre stage. But for the other half of curious music fans, Sonos-savvy intellectuals, as well as portions of the entertainment industry, Bunji Garlin had their full and undivided attention.

Even for one of the more entertaining Q&A sessions with the artist, moderated by actor/comedian Gerry Bednob aka “Mooj” (from the film 40-Year-Old Virgin), another Trini, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard music fans at the end of listening to a Q&A, want an encore of more chit-chat! That’s how entertaining the back-and-forth between Bunji and Bednob resonated, with the latter diving into jokes engaging both the crowd on hand as well as tickling Bunji silly!

Angostura provided top-shelf premium 1919 rum to sip neat or enjoy on the rocks, or for those lightweights demanding a chaser, with soda—boooo! Several private interviews in the “green room” were quietly conducted before the invited guests even had a chance to glimpse Bunji’s black and white checkered get-up, while media sponsors such as safely bombarded social media with tweets and filmed and snapped shots of the entire event. Outside of these official ones behind the camera(s), there wasn’t a person inside who didn’t also get their personal footage for themselves!

Marlon “DJ Pelau” Regis is a Trini expat who shuffles between LA/NYC. He produced the event for Sonos Studios. He’s a Huffington Post writer and his personal blog can be found at