Even before the party began, it was clear where Bacchanal New Year Band Launch & Fete, held last Saturday at the Mas Camp in St Andrew, Jamaica, was headed.

“It’s a full house for the opening night and this is encouraging. I hope we can keep this momentum up through the rest of carnival,” Michael Ammar Jr, a director of Bacchanal Jamaica, told the Jamaica Observer.

The director said fans can also expect more live entertainment this year.

“Other than the first party, every Bacchanal event after that will feature the top performers from across the Caribbean,” he explained.

Under the theme Untamed, revellers rang in the new Bacchanal year in high spirits. By midnight things were in full swing under the masterful control of Duchess.

“We started a bit early when the crowd was thin, but it built to some really nice vibes,” she said.

Duchess led into soca star Skinny Fabulous, who presented a short and well-received performance. He went through his various hits, dropping his brand new tune Going Off, before tempting the audience to Bruk Down D Fence, then bringing one lucky ‘fluffy’ female fan on to the stage for 6:30. He then ended on 2014’s Worst Behaviour.

“I was surprised that Jamaicans knew the song already,” he said, referring to his latest track.

“Carnival this year is very intense and the music is coming out fast and furious,” Skinny Fabulous continued.

Once Skinny Fabulous left the stage, the huge crowd were treated to the unveiling of 18 costumes before settling down to a massive block of music as DJs Sanjay, Duchess and Richie Ras combined forces to satiate the large mass unwilling to leave until the early hours of the morning.