He is one of the greatest living musicians and a legend to many – and we’re not talking about Kanye West.
Yet Paul McCartney’s recent collaboration with the rapper for the newly released single Only One at first appears to have left some hip hop fans scratching their heads.
‘Who is Paul Mcartney?, one wrote on Twitter about the Beatles rocker while another posted: ‘This Paul McCartney guy gonna be huge.’

Yeezy and Macca got together in early 2014 to write the love song devoted to his young daughter with Kim Kardashian, North.
The track – released on Thursday – features the veteran musician playing the keyboard while the Gold Digger star sings from the perspective of his late mother.
The pairing sparked an outpouring of Twitter sarcasm.

While most saw the funny side, some took the comments as genuine, and unforgivable, musical ignorance.
@Sky_Razball wrote: ‘Only thing makes me mad about the stupid McCartney/Kanye tweets is these damn kids have google. Ain’t no reason for your stupidity today.’