JA Productions artiste Blak Ryno will be launching his own bottled purified water, Island Water, within the next two months. “Two years ago, I came up with the idea and approached Don Skilachi.

This is my first product that I am endorsing on this level as an owner,” Ryno stated in a statement sent to THE STAR.

He further said; “I chose water because mi always a drink water, and water is an essential to life. It is a product that has a chance of long-term success … that’s why I won’t be tying it to Blak Ryno the artiste, in terms of its branding.”

Ryno, whose real name is Romaine Anderson, and his business partner, Canada-based dancehall artiste Don Skilachi, have already been able to secure a distribution deal with a major supermarket chain.

“We are finalising the distribution of the product now. We already have a major supermarket chain, and we are seeking other partners. The product has been cleared by the Bureau of Standards,” Don Skilachi said.

Robust marketing campaign

He said that they are hoping to have a flavoured version of the Island Water product in the market by summer as well.

The partners plan to launch a robust marketing campaign to help push the brand.

“We are going all out with TV, print and radio ads to make the public aware of Island Water. I am ready to make that next step as an artiste and become an entrepreneur. Ah business mi say fi 2015,” Ryno said.

Ryno will also be releasing an album with his label, JA Productions, during the first quarter of this year. He scored a radio hit called Side Chick on the hit High Life rhythm, produced by Justus Arison of JA Productions.

“We are looking at a 14-track album, which will be released later this year on iTunes,” he said.