Dancehall artiste Khago has denied allegations made by his younger sister, Natayna Gayle, that he is blaming his mother for the decline in airplay on local radio.

According to Khago’s publicist, Derven Patterson, Khago’s statements in a recent television interview about family, was taken out of context.

Khago’s sister told The STAR yesterday, that the artiste is selling the idea that his mother is not supportive of him, and is making moves to rip his music from local radio. She also said that several persons have drawn the assumption that his mother does not have his best interest at heart.

“He is saying his mother goes to media houses to stop his songs from playing and that is a lie. I don’t know where Khago gets his stories from. His mother does not have that power so Khago should get his facts right before he goes to the public with news like that. She is not even a part of the music industry so that makes no sense. I have never seen him smoke anything nor drink liquor, so I don’t know what is wrong with him and if it was anybody else that said the things he did on that platform we would sue him or take it further,” she said.

Biggest enemy

The seemingly concerned sister says the artiste should blame himself for his own problems.

“Khago likes his own way and always wants to be a boss and he is just a basket. He is his biggest enemy and he is the one mashing up his career because of his ego. He even said he is not sure if his mother is his real mother and that is strange coming from Khago,” Gayle said.

The STAR contacted publicist from Khago’s camp, Derven ‘Flexx’ Patterson, for a comment. He said Khago was finished with that issue and that the artiste was not talking about his mother in his interview.

Blood mother

“We are done with that and don’t want to do anymore interviews on that topic. Khago was not speaking about his blood mother. There is no problem with him and his mother right now and we just want to clear the air, because that interview was taken out of context. Generally, you have family members that can be vindictive, so Khago was talking about the mothers and family members who are generally not supportive of their own. But he was not talking about his own mother. People from the music business can relate to the situation where the immediate family is not supportive,” Patterson said.

Khago recently released music videos for singles It Was All A Dream and Ready For Love produced by Notnice Records.

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