Dancer Mystic Davis was one of several dancers who auditioned to be in a movie to be produced by American rapper and TV host Nick Cannon, and she hopes to get the part.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Davis spoke about the audition she did for a role in the America star’s movie.

She said there were other dancers like Raddy Rich, Latonya Styles, Kimiko Versatile, Black Eagles and some other dancers from Dance Ja.

Not only is she grateful to have auditioned in front of the American star on his visit to Jamaica in December, but Davis hopes she will be successful.

“For every casting, I always go and do my best. When I am selected, I am grateful; and when I am not selected, I am still grateful. I am just optimistic about it,” she said.

While she has very little details about the type of movie and when it will be done, she said she is pleased that Cannon took an interest in the culture.

“From what we were told, he was in Jamaica for a project and he fell in love with the dancers and is thinking about doing a movie. It would be something to do with dancehall culture and us as dancers as the focal point,” Davis told THE STAR.

“It is always good when persons want to highlight dancers. It would be a good thing for us as dancers if it is done.”

While she waits to find out if the audition will bear any fruit, Davis said she is excited about her recently launch OptiMystic sports bra line. She explained that it was inspired by her own needs.

“When shopping for things to wear for dance classes, I couldn’t find anything cute but still flexible for dancing,” she said.

Since getting the first batch of the sports bras two weeks ago, she said they have already been sold out and persons have been asking for more.

Although she plans to expand her business and offer other articles of clothing in the future, Davis said her current focus is the sports bra line.