Diplo’s debut album F10RIDA turned ten late last year and the subversive super-producer re-released the collection as F1ORIDA (Clever!) to commemorate the occasion. His former roommate Torres Korlofsky put together a hallucinatory documentary of the same name that you can watch now, courtesy of Pitchfork.tv.

Former bae M.I.A. appears in the second half of the documentary and completely steals the show, if she may say so herself. Maya mugs for the camera, wears a silly hat and talks shit in front of outrageously tall stacks of outdated equipment. Diplo, meanwhile, bounces around and fixes a janky studio mic for her.

The M.I.A. segment and the mental image of a 20-something Diplo rushing to the airport to meet VYBZ Kartel stand out. However, those looking for a comprehensive or even coherent look at the beginnings of one of pop’s most influential producers might end up sorely disappointed. Viewers don’t really get to learn a lot about the artist from the film, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s a mesmerizing yet frustrating piece centered around only one or two interviews and rapid cuts through decontextualized sights and sounds.

There’s also the part where Diplo basically makes a music video about Cheetos with a bunch of kids he’s teaching at some afterschool program. You should probably check that scene out.