Music promoter and nightclub operator Corey Todd is back in the island after undergoing additional treatment in a US medical facility on his right arm. Todd was injured when a bullet shattered his right arm in a gun attack last year.

“He is OK,, he has a long piece of metal in his right arm, but he is in good spirits, feeling lucky and grateful to be alive. He is running his business just like before, Corey is a fighter and he has bounced back already,” a source told Loop News this week.

The police have not been able to make any major breakthroughs in the case so far. They are still seeking a motorcyclist who it is believed sped off after his accomplice was killed during the pre-dawn attack on Todd.

The man, who was later identified as Corey Grant of a Kingston 2 address, was cut down in a hail of bullets by a policeman, who is a licensed firearm holder, and who was at the scene of the shooting.