Move over, Rick Rubin — someone else is looking to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

Gay porn star Johnny Rapid, speaking on behalf of, is offering Bieber a cool $2 million to film a scene with him.

“I can’t even believe I’m gonna say this, but I have an incredible offer for you, Justin Bieber,” Rapid said. “ and I are offering you $2 million to do a scene with me. Two million, that’s insane! Anyways, it will be easy. I’ll do most of the work: come in for a few hours, then you’re out of here with $2 million. Hope to see you soon!”

For the record, Johnny Rapid does gay porn but identifies as straight. Although his most popular clips appear to find him on the receiving end, his “I’ll do most of the work” comment makes it seem like he’s aiming to take the lead on this project.

Let’s be honest, this will 100 percent never happen. Bieber probably has $2 million in spare change between the cushions of his couch. But hey, it would be a chance for Bieber to put those Calvin Klein photoshop rumors to bed.