TLC’s final album is on the way, and it will be funded by fans’ donations. The legendary girl group is looking to take the reigns of their upcoming project, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to round up the coins. In their pitch video, T-Boz and Chilli explain the motivation behind taking this unique route.

“While major labels offer artists multimillion dollar recording and marketing budgets, they don’t often give artists complete control of their own music,” the Kickstarter page reads. “It is ESSENTIAL that we create our final album completely on our own terms, without any restrictions, with YOU.”

Sharing that they have already tapped members of their original team of songwriters and musicians (including Kandi Burruss), T-Boz and Chilli acknowledged the late Left Eye, writing that “Lisa’s spirit will always be present in our music.” Along with gathering funds from fans, they will seek feedback from backers regarding song selection, with songs garnering the most vote making the final album tracklist.

“Our final album will stay true to the TLC sound, always confronting the real issues and life experiences that we all must face every single day, everywhere,” T-Boz and Chilli wrote. “We write music that people relate to…timeless music. No matter the trends, we feel like our music is always relevant.”

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, backers receive rewards with their donations. A minimum of five dollars will earn fans an exclusive remix, while a $7,500 donation will earn fans a photoshoot with T-Boz and Chilli. Other rewards include autographed lyrics, signed vinyl, slumber parties and VIP concert tickets. The funding goal is $150,000 by Feb. 19.

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